Dice Parenting Support Programme

The Dice programme is a four-week early help parenting support programme offering an understanding of the risks young people face in modern society.

The four sessions cover:

  • Introductions and thinking of life as a teenager
  • The exploitation of children and young people
  • Digital dangers
  • Parenting top tips

DICE Providers

To find a DICE provider near you please contact us

What is DICE all about?

What can I get from DICE?


Increased knowledge of the teenage brain & risks in modern society.

Provide the opportunity to meet other parents and create a support network.

Direct you to relevant resources, locally and nationally

Develop a practical toolkit to support your child

Know how to support your child to stay safe on line

Develop a confident parenting style

The value of Dice?



How can I access the Dice programme?

Barnardo’s have developed Dice in partnership with young people, parents and practitioners to enable a variety of organisations to deliver programmes to parents in their locality.

To find the nearest programme provider to you please contact Barnardo’s on 01274 513300 or admin.listerhills@barnardos.org.uk


Read frequently asked questions. If you can’t find the answer you are looking for email admin.listerhills@barnardos.org.uk or phone 01274 513300


Why is the programme called Dice?

The programme is called Dice because the parents taking part in the pilot wanted the name to reflect that parenting sometimes can feel like the luck of the roll of a Dice.


How much does it cost parents to attend a group?

Unless agreed by a provider with Barnardo’s Dice should be delivered to parents at no cost.


How many parents in a group?

There should be no more than 12.


Where do the groups run and how often?

This will be decided by your provider.


How do I know that Dice will be beneficial to me?

Feedback from parents is positive as well as an independent evaluation by Bradford University.